No one else is left.

Your entire civilization has been wiped out by an unstoppable space fleet controlled by the AI super-entity known as V.E.G.A.

You are the last remaining S-Class pilot of a secretive space defense program know as Alpha Mono. Your ship is a living weapon, able to adapt to this dangerous situation and take on V.E.G.A. as you make your escape.

But even if you somehow manage to outrun the overwhelming enemy forces... greater dangers lie beyond your planetary system.

How long can you survive?



Retro Shoot 'em Up with a Modern Twist

ALPHA MONO S is a time-based survival shmuplike inspired by classic arcade style STGs from the early 90's and modern roguelites like Vampire Survivors. Shoot and dodge your way through 10 action-packed minutes of unique enemies and bullet chaos while powering up your ship to overcome challenging hurdles and attempt to complete your mission.

In Alpha Mono S, you will...

  • Survive increasingly difficult waves of enemies and minibosses
  • Earn XP to level up and access cool new weapons and abilities
  • Purchase powerful S-GEAR upgrades with in-game credits
  • Mine asteroids to collect valuable crafting materials
  • Enhance your ship with rare power-ups
  • Unlock mysterious new technologies by completing your mission

Alpha Mono S Strategy Guide

THIS SECTION MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Here are a few tips and some information to help you get started and learn about the world of Alpha Mono S.

This game has simple mechanics but it takes quite a bit of concentration, fast reflexes, and hand-eye coordination to "win". You only have to control your ship's position while your systems automatically fire or trigger their effects.


MovementArrow Keys (WASD option available)
Pause Space
Full screen F


Enemies in Alpha Mono S swarm your ship and use whatever weapons they have at their disposal in attempt to obliterate you. Spatial awareness is key so keep on eye on enemy positions and the trajectory of their weapons to stay alive or you may end up space dust.

Enemy Ships

7***X-RocketBasic enemy attack unit
9***X-MissileMid-damage dealing unit
AvengerAvenger14***Burden MineLays exploding mines
1*****-Flies in formation
9***Laser BeamRushes toward player
20*-Self-destructs on contact
14**X-Rocket Mk IITeleports through space
14****Stinger MissileUses slowing projectiles
20***X-Missile Mk IIFires in bursts
30*SpikeShoots in five directions

Enemy Weapons

BurdenBurden1Slows on hit
Laser BeamLaser Beam1Fast
Stinger MissileStinger Missile1Slows on hit
X-Rocket Mk IIX-Rocket Mk II1Fast
X-Missile Mk IIX-Missile Mk II3High damage


You will encounter multiple minibosses throughout your mission. Unlike normal enemies, they do not drift off the map and will continue to pursue your ship until they succeed or are destroyed. Minibosses are much more difficult to take down and are rumored to carry an unknown power source. More data is needed.


You can level up your ship by collecting XP loot from enemies to add new systems and increase their power. Having these abilities will drastically increase your chances of survival.

Main Systems

PhaserPhaser tileDamageA standard blaster weapon
MissileMissile tileDamageFire towards the nearest enemy
Stasis FieldStasis Field tileControlSlows down nearby enemies and weapons
Plasma RingsPlasma Rings tileDefenseDestroys enemy weapons on hit
OptionOption tileDamageFires at enemies in your blind spot(s)
Electro MPElectro MP tileControlDisables enemy ships

Secondary Systems

BoostersBoosters tileMovementIncrease ship speed
Tractor BeamTractor Beam tileItemsPull nearby items towards ship
DrillDrill tile HarvestMines asteroids for materials
CargoCargo tile HarvestIncrease material carry limit
NanobotsNanobots tile RepairRepair ship damage over time
ScannerScanner tile ItemsFind more items
Sonic ReducerUtilityReduce ship size
ContractsItemsIncrease credits value

Items & Power-ups

XPAmber - 135 XP Lazuli - 225 XP Emerald - 375 XP
Collect to gain experience and level up
Credit10 credits 25 credits 50 credits 100 credits
Currency used to purchase S-GEAR in the shop
RepairRepairInstantly repairs your ship
MaterialGold Silver CopperNeeded to craft high level upgrades and more
An unknown source of energy

Mining & Materials

In order to mine asteroids for materials, you'll first need to obtain the Drill upgrade when leveling up. There's a chance it will pop up every time you level up. When activated, your trusty Drill bot will begin following your ship around. If you are within range of an asteroid, the Drill will automatically mine the asteroid until it breaks to reveal materials.

Gather materials to purchase higher level (3+) S-GEAR from the shop. You can increase your cargo size with the Cargo upgrade so you can carry even more. The normal max is a 25 material limit per mission without a Cargo upgrade.


  1. Watch out for opportunities to damage minibosses while moving around
  2. Choose damaging upgrades to gain an early advantage
  3. Focus on enemies you can destroy in one hit to maximize XP
  4. You will need to slow down fast-moving asteroids to mine them
  5. Zippers have a chance to drop really rare items


Art, music, design, and programming by maigi.

This game was made using the Kaboom JavaScript library.

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AuthorMaigi Games
GenreAction, Shooter, Survival
Made withAseprite
TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, Difficult, Retro, Roguelite, Shoot 'Em Up, Space, upgrades
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Leaning a bit towards bullet hell than arena survival.  The meta upgrades might help, but the teeny tiny benefit for how long I had to scrap for them turned me off.  Hard's fine, but you may want to tune this just a bit towards casual for this genre.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I will take this into consideration as I continue to tweak the gameplay for future updates.

From your experience, would you prefer larger stat bonuses from S-Gear or a lower material cost (asteroid material) to purchase the meta upgrades?

Very polished and fun. So cool :)

Thanks Danie!