Update v1.0.3 - New upgrades + More

The most significant patch for Alpha Mono S so far. It includes 3 new offense-related upgrades, many quality of life changes, and new S-Gear in the shop!

Alpha Mono S Deep Freeze upgrade deals damage to enemies who get too close

New Deep Freeze upgrade in action

Changes in v1.0.3:

  • Upgrades
    • Main Systems
      • ADDED: Corrosive Cloud leaves a cloud of damaging vapor behind the ship
      • ADDED: Deep Freeze surrounds the ship in icy armor allowing players to bash enemies for damage
      • CHANGED: Electro MP initial cooldown has been reduced to 26 from 30 seconds
      • CHANGED: Missile tile color turned slight darker blue to differentiate between Deep Freeze tile
    • Secondary Systems
      • ADDED: Targeting allows most weapons to hit for a chance at dealing critical damage
      • REMOVED: Boosters upgrade has been removed from the game because it's not useful enough
  • Gameplay
    • CHANGED: Active upgrades are now limited to 10 (5 main/5 secondary) per mission
    • CHANGED: Enemies will no longer spawn directly on top of player's ship when near the edge of the map
    • CHANGED: In-game wallet now only shows credits collected during a single playthrough, all credits still shown on main screen
    • CHANGED:  Damage sound effect from touching an enemy now louder, more obvious
    • FIXED:  Damage from level 1 Power Core S-Gear now properly increases damage (wasn't working)
    • FIXED: Level up music now remains silent if game music is disabled
  • GUI
    • CHANGED: Healing amount pop-up from Nanobots repair now larger and same color as health power-up for consistency
  • S-Gear
    • ADDED: RGB Propulsion allows players to choose their ship's trail and health bar color

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